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Help support stroke survivors on their journey to recovery.

Make a meaningful impact on the lives of stroke survivors and their families in Delta.

Imagine waking up one morning to find that simple tasks like walking, talking, or smiling are now immense challenges. This is the stark reality for thousands who have survived a stroke. For those heading home from the hospital, it's just the beginning of their journey of recovery. 

Our aim is to help Delta’s stroke survivors reach
their goals for communication, movement, and secondary stroke prevention. We also create space for peer
mentorship and social connections, helping to prevent post-stroke isolation.


Your contribution ensures the continuation of these vital services, helping stroke survivors rebuild their lives. We strive to keep participation costs accessible to all stroke survivors, offering recovery programs run by experienced professionals at a fraction of the cost if taken privately. This is possible only with the generous support of donors like you.


As a volunteer-led organization, every dollar you give directly impacts survivors and their families by providing hope, healing, and the opportunity to thrive. 

Our members are your clients, customers, neighbours, or maybe even friends and family members. They need our support to regain confidence, ability, and to reintegrate well into the community. Your generosity ensures that no one is left behind as they strive to rebuild their life after stroke.

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