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Sustain Recovery with Monthly Donations

Monthly Gifts

In the pivotal first two years following a stroke, the right support isn't just helpful—it's transformative. This crucial window can shape a survivor's journey toward regaining independence and reclaiming quality of life. 


Your monthly donation today can fuel vital rehabilitation programs to meet the unique needs of each survivor, offering them the best chance at a fuller, more rewarding recovery.

Gift a full program

A steady stream of support fuels this long-term recovery process. Together, we can create a consistent pathway to recovery, enhancing the lives of stroke survivors and their families every step of the way. Join us in making a difference. 

Support Our Programs

Monthly Donations

For stroke survivors, recovery is an on-going journey. Often, support is needed long after hospital rehabilitation programs end. 

Can you help to sustain two of our most vital programs?

Physical Fitness


Led by certified fitness instructors. We run classes twice a week to enhance survivor mobility, balance, and secondary stroke prevention.

Repeating donations will make a difference in someone's life for the same cost as one dinner out with your family. 



Led by professional facilitators, these sessions boost cognitive function, memory, mental acuity, and problem-solving skills.

Monthly donations ensure the sustainability of these programs, allowing us to provide high-quality support to our stroke survivors.

Speech-Language Pathology

With the highest program costs at our Speech Language programs are run by certified professional pathologists. 


Setting up a monthly payment, helps us to maintain our schedule and offer consistant support. Any repeating gift can make a big difference to our stroke survivors recovery. 

The reason we do what we do

~ Cathy ~

"In January 2021, my dear mother had a severe ischemic stroke.  After months of rehab, I began the journey of investigating the challenges stroke survivors face, and the very specific affectations and challenges of Aphasia and Apraxia.


After 1.5 years participating in this program, we reflect on how blessed we are to have become part of our new 'family'. There are no words to describe the value of this program, from sharing members' trials, joys, and recovery, to brain games, resources, social activities, support links, and endless guidance to other related organizations and support tools.  Mom has had marked recovery in great part due to this program, but also due to the love and care of everyone that has nurtured and made this program a reality.


THANK YOU, for continuing to support those in such need on their 'no-longer lonely' journey to stroke recovery.  We could not be 'on our way' without you."

If you prefer to DONATE By Mail/Cheque. Please mail a cheque along with your contact details, made payable to:

Delta Stroke Recovery Society, 1115 51A Street, Delta, BC  V4M 2Y2


When you donate by cheque, you will receive an official tax receipt for any amount over $20. 

Click Here to Donate Online using your credit card.

Thank You To Some of Our Donors

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Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions Club

Delta Fire Fighters

Charitable Society

If you prefer to DONATE By Mail/Check. Please mail a check along with your contact details, made payable to:

Delta Stroke Recovery Society, 1115 51A Street, Delta, BC  V4M 2Y2


TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS CAN BE MADE TO: Delta Stroke Recovery Society. You will receive an official tax receipt for your generous donation.

Click Here to Donate Online

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