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Brain Games - Delta Stroke Recovery Society

Offering weekly cognitive programs, participants enjoy a welcoming environment to exercise their minds, share experiences, and make friends.


Cognitive Rehabilitation

Our Brain Games program is designed around Neuroplasticity, the brain's remarkable capacity to rewire and adapt following injuries including those incurred from stroke.


We play an array of stimulating brain games and offer learning opportunities designed to engage and challenge participants, igniting cognitive activity and promoting neural reorganization. 

Through a combination of interactive exercises, puzzles, memory games, and guest speakers sessions, our program aims to enhance cognitive function, memory retention, mental acuity, and problem solving skills for individuals navigating life after stroke.

Virtual & In-Person Groups

In recognition of the evolving needs of our community, we offer both online and in-person sessions in various Delta communities to ensure accessibility and flexibility for all participants. 

What You Get

Whether you're seeking assistance with memory retention, mental acuity or problem solving-skills, our brain games will support cognitive rehabilitation, and rebuild confidence.



We offer stroke survivors with aphasia and apraxia. This includes Speech Language Pathology for those with acute needs. 

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Keeping an active lifestyle after stroke can yield tremendous benefits. Classes are run by led by certified fitness instructors.

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Community Building

Whether you're a survivor, caregiver, family member or friend. We know how important it is to have a community. Check out our resources. 

Three Ways You Can Help

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Spread The Word

Share the benefits of our services with your loved ones. Inform them about the programs we offer and encourage them to connect with us through our website and social media platforms.

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Your donations are crucial in helping us provide support to stroke survivors. By contributing, you are making a significant impact on the lives of individuals and their families. 


Dedicate your time and talents to our cause. We have a range of programs, projects and initiatives that benefit greatly from the diverse skills of our volunteers. Your involvement is key to our success.

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