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What We Do

At Delta Stroke Recovery Society, we understand the profound impact a stroke can have on your life and the lives of your loved ones.


Our mission is to stand with you, offering post-stroke support and resources to navigate the journey of recovery. Here you'll find a community dedicated to helping stroke survivors regain strength, independence, and confidence to live life to the fullest. 

3 Ways You Can Help

By contributing to Delta Stroke Recovery Society, you can make a significant impact on the lives of Delta's stroke survivors. Your support can help provide essential resources and programs that aid in recovery and help prevent secondary strokes. With your help, stroke survivors can receive the support they need to maximize recovery and reintegrate into our community.

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Spread The Word

Tell your friends and family about our programs. Let them know we can help.

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Help fund our programs so that Delta's stroke survivors can get the best recovery support available. Help make a big difference in someone's life.

Delta Stroke Recovery - Volunteer

Volunteer your time and skills to support our programs, projects and initiatives. There's always more we can do.

Why We Do What We Do

~ Cathy ~

"In January 2021, my dear mother had a severe ischemic stroke.  After months of rehab, I began the journey of investigating the challenges stroke survivors face, and the very specific affectations and challenges of Aphasia and Apraxia.


After 1.5 years participating in the Delta Stroke Recovery program, we reflect on how blessed we are to have become part of our new 'family'. There are no words to describe the value of this program, from sharing members' trials, joys, and recovery, to brain games, resources, social activities, support links, and endless guidance to other related organizations and support tools.  Mom has had marked recovery in great part due to this program, but also due to the love and care of everyone that has nurtured and made this program a reality.


THANK YOU, for continuing to support those in such need on their 'no-longer lonely' journey to stroke recovery.  We could not be 'on our way' without you."

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Thank You To Some of Our Donors

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