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About DSRS

Over 8,000 people are admitted to BC’s healthcare system every year, and stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in Canada*.  While our medical system does an excellent job providing acute care, there are few community-level supports available after rehab is finished.


The first 2 years after a stroke are when the biggest recovery gains can be made.

But stroke survivors often retreat from the community, which can lead to social isolation and diminished recovery outcomes. 


That’s where we come in.  

We offer low-barrier weekly programs:  Speech Language Pathology, Cognitive Activities, Secondary Stroke Prevention, Fitness & Mobility classes, Community Resource Wayfinding, Peer Support, and Social Connections.  Our programs are led by a mix of professionals, trained staff, and volunteers.


DSRS a federally registered non-profit, and almost entirely funded by local donations. 

We've been at work in the Delta community for over 25 years, and we work in partnership with After Stroke BC.


*BC Government, August 2018; Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada - December 2022

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