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Resident Founder


Twenty-eight years ago, Karel found herself navigating a challenging journey after her husband suffered a stroke. With few local resources available in Tsawwassen, she was compelled to travel to Richmond every week, a routine that highlighted a significant gap in community support.

Karel took a heartfelt step to bridge this gap. She placed an ad in the local newspaper, the Optimist, inviting other stroke survivors and their caregivers to come together. This simple act of reaching out sparked the first meeting of what became the Delta Stroke Recovery Society (DSRS).

Today, DSRS stands as a testament to the power of community and compassion. What began as a small coffee club has blossomed into a thriving non-profit organization, offering a variety of in-person and online programs designed to support and uplift stroke survivors and their families.

At the heart of Delta Stroke Recovery Society is a dedicated family of passionate staff and volunteers. United by a shared mission, our team is committed to providing unwavering support to Delta's stroke survivors and their loved ones. Driven by personal convictions, each member believes in offering hope, empowerment, and fostering strong social connections. Learn more about the incredible individuals who make a difference every day on our "Our Team" page.

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